Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Procedures


1.      Inspect the area for hazards, surrounding foliage that may need to be protected, previous damage, extensively soiled areas.

2.      Edge or weed-eat excess weeds, or grass for a sharper look.

3.      Remove any loose debris via blower, sweeping, or running water.

4.      Pre-wet any foliage that may be effected by the process.

5.      Pre-treat the area with an appropriate solution.

6.      Clean the area with the appropriate device.  (Surface cleaner, hand wand, wand edger….)

7.      Rinse away loose dirt, and mud. Evacuate puddled water to another location.

8.      Post treat the area with the appropriate solution.

9.      Post wet any foliage that may be effected by the process. 



Explained what will be done. Time it will done. Got it done! Respectful at all times.

Kathi A Miami, FL

Awesome, best power wash Ive ever had on my old pavers. Did the awning around my pool deck, cleaned pavers, and also the small garden shed. Really nice guy, great price, I got 3 estimates and his was the best. Super communication via email and text. On time, did not stop working. Look no further

Lee L Miami, FL

Excellent service and high quality of work done. Work included pressure cleaning around house and fence. Cleaned gutters and leaders. Also cleaned laundry dryer duct. Jerome is highly prosessional. Informative, punctal and precise when communicating with him. Top score and recommendation.

Louis B Miami, FL