Water conditioning reservoir for rust stain prevention

Rust stains from sprinkler systems are caused from deposits of iron and minerals in your water source that feeds the sprinkler pump. These deposits stain whatever they spray, and even build up in moving parts of the sprinkler system and shorten the life of the effected equipment. This means pre-mature failure of machinery and extra cost for the home owner to replace or repair said equipment. This process involves attaching a water conditioning reservoir to the sprinkler pump, or intake pipes. The train of thought is to condition the water before it exits the sprinkler heads and spreads the rust. The reservoir will be filled with water conditioner and water. The conditioner needs to be filled routinely. This is determined by measuring the mineral content in your water.

  1. Determine if your sprinkler system is eligible for the water conditioner.
  2. Test the mineral content of the water to determine the appropriate dosage for your specific system.
  3. Install the reservoir to your sprinkler system and add the appropriate solution.

I can also custom build a base/platform for your reservoir to prevent damage during lawn trimming, and sitting directly on the ground.

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