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Covid-19 Cleaning

Covid-19 Cleaning Procedures

As a first responder, I am well-educated and well exercised on the prevention and decontamination procedures for the COVID-19 virus, as well as other blood-borne pathogens/viruses. I have seen and heard of several methods of decontamination methods, and I have chosen to use the most effective method, Electrostatic Spraying, as my means of decontamination. Most objects in the environment carry a negative molecular charge. The Electrostatic sprayer gives the chemical a positive charge as it exits the sprayer, and the positively charged chemical binds to the ENTIRE object that is sprayed. The sprayer emits droplets that also kill particulates that are in the air as well. Using a forger only works on the topical surface that the spray lands on.

Wiping surfaces does not kill airborne particulates. The Electrostatic Sprayer binds the entire surface on a cellular level and kills the virus on the entire object. I only use chemicals that have been approved by the EPA to kill the COVID-19 virus. I also have chemicals that are also safe around food contact surfaces. Furthermore, I couple the Electrostatic sprayer with a UV light hand want to decontaminate areas in their entirety. The price for this service varies on square footage and other variables. 



Jerome always does an excellent job! He cleans our dryer lint yearly and flushes out/cleans our hot water heater. He's courteous, friendly and polite. Many of my neighbors use him, too. He also does power washing. I highly recommend Jobs Wel-Done!

T McD Miami, FL

I highly recommend Jobs Wel-Done 1. They were prompt and professional. My windows look amazing as they are very meticulous in the work they do. I will definitely be using them again for any cleaning that needs to be done on my property. I just referred them to my neighbor!

Deer Miami, FL

Jerome’s patience and eagerness to share his expert knowledge was greatly appreciated. He had the best price compared to anyone else. I would recommend his services as a reliable source for maintenance on any dryer vent.

Patricia Castillo Miami, FL